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Look Closely

I’m on spring break for the next two weeks, so obviously I am waking earlier than usual. This morning I decided to take a stroll around my property. It had rained in the early morning hours and the smell of … Continue reading

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Get The Hell Off My Lawn!

There seems to be a lot of negativity going around on social media lately. I’m not certain why this is. It might be the running of the presidential hopefuls, it might be all the violence being committed, or it might … Continue reading

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For The Love of Mother’s Day

Recently I read a post on Facebook that a mother had written explaining why she had not raised her son to celebrate mother’s day. She felt that Mother’s Day was a huge lie in extolling the virtues of mothers. All … Continue reading

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Fluff and Fold

I’ve never been a big fan of laundry, it’s tedious and something always comes out needing extra care:  a hem that needs to be sewn or a shirt that needs the lavish attention of an iron, or a button that … Continue reading

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