My Grandma, My Heart

Two hours. That’s how long she has been gone. Such a short time but my world seems darker, colder, lonelier, without her in it. I know in time that this ache will subside, that the tears will stop, the heartache will become more bearable but I will never stop missing her, loving her…not until the day I am gone.

This is not a surprise or an unexpected loss. I knew it would happen, knew it was coming. She was 94 after all and lived a long, full life. But I am selfish and I want her here. I want to be able to send the note I have for her sitting on the edge of my desk; want to be able to call her, want to visit her one more time, sing with her again.

I want to go back to a summer day in my childhood and walk to the Columbia River with her, listening as she describes the different plants and flowers; stand by the railroad tracks holding her hand as the train speeds by. I want to stand hot and sweaty in her kitchen while we dip peaches in hot water to prepare them for canning. I want to sit at the kids table during a huge family gathering… listening for her voice at the grown up table. I want her to tuck me in at night, with “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” and have her kiss my cheek.

I want the strength, the security, the unconditional love that she gave so freely, so generously. I want to see her sit and talk with my girls, laughing and sharing stories. I want to see the pride and love in her eyes. I want her here with me.

My Grandma….my heart.

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One Response to My Grandma, My Heart

  1. maphnie says:

    Time heals the pain away. My grandma is gone for almost 2 years now. There’s no more pain and longingness. I smile everytime I remember her and I keep her memories and lessons with me all the time. Everything will be better soon. *hugs*


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