Just Curious

My friend John recently mentioned that some folks thought he was gay because of his stand on marriage equality.  Lately I have had that same reaction from people.  A few friends have messaged me on Facebook asking me about my sexual preference.  “Are you a lesbian, or straight, or are you bisexual?  I know that this question doesn’t come from malice or prejudice but from a place of curiosity.  I don’t know if by categorizing,  it helps them define me better, or if it allows them that, ‘oh-now-it-makes-sense’ understanding; but whatever it may be, that question always leaves me wondering…. Why?    

Would I have different political views, religious views, or social views?  Would my exercising habits, eating habits, or goals be different if I preferred one specific sex over the other?  Would I still  hate war? Would I still want all human beings, all groups, all individuals to share the same basic human rights, human wants, human needs?  Would I still want to teach children to coexist?  Would I have still taught my daughters to be tolerant of others views, ideas, philosophies?  Would my dogs still love me, my cats ignore me?  Would I still enjoy singing in the choir?  Would I still listen to the blues, or jazz, or rock music?  Would Copeland still move me? Would I still want to dance or walk along the ocean’s edge? Would I still love my daughters, my siblings, my parents, my nana, my friends.  Would I enjoy the night when the stars fill up the sky? Would I still be me?

I appreciate those folks who care about me and want to get to know me better.  But I cannot help but wonder if, and why, my sexual preference  would really be the defining factor in who I am.  I, like my friend John, don’t mind being asked if I am gay or straight.  I am not concerned about whom people love… as long as they are happy,  if they  are content.

Maybe then, that should be our  question.  Are you happy?

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One Response to Just Curious

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Thoughtfully stated. No defensiveness detected. Very gracious meditation leading to the real issue.


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