Why Middle Aged Grown Ups Cry

Lately I have seen a few different versions of the  “Why My Child Cries” blogs and posts.  They are quite amusing, (“Because I looked at him”), very realistic, (“Because she is hungry and doesn’t know the word yet.”), and so relatable, (“Because his sister smiled at him.”).

While these are amusing, there is an element of truth to them and they are actually quite helpful for first time parents in understanding the baby and toddler mind. Bearing that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to create a list for parents of older teens and adult children.  Anything to help enlighten them and help them understand us a bit better has got to be good, right?  So here is my list….  Why I Cry:

1.  Because I do not recognize the person staring at me in the mirror.

2.  Because I want my 20-year-old body back.

3.  Because the faucet leaks.

4. Because I want more dessert and less kale.

5. Because water is not wine.

6. Because coffee doesn’t magically appear beside my bed each morning.

7.Because my child is…. (choose the one that best suits you) moving away from home, getting married, having a baby, smoking reefer, not sharing her stash, using my retirement $ for college, moving back home, not leaving home, looking at me oddly.

8. Because my car needs gas.

9. Because I am too hot.

10. Because I am too cold.

11. Because I have to make dinner.

12. Because the polite person at the grocery store called me “Ma’am”.

13. Because my Doctor, Dentist, Plumber, Boss, Minister,etc, are all younger than I am.

14. Because my parents are getting old.

15. Because of modern rap ‘music’.

16. Because I found myself turning the stereo DOWN.

17. Because my parents are / were right.

18. Because I’m ready to retire but I am not old enough.

19. Because I now require bifocals.

20. Because good 70’s sitcoms have been replaced by reality t.v.

21. Because I will have to explain to at least 7 people that this blog is meant in a humorous way and that I don’t actually cry over rap music… well, maybe I cry over bad music but not bifocals… well, yes, I do cry about bifocals but not being called ma’am… well that’s not a good example either… never mind.

22. Because Zoloft is not one of the four food groups.

23. Because only the old dog really understand me.

24. Because I don’t remember what I am wearing unless I look at myself.

25. Because I am turning into my parents.

26. Because of the sympathetic looks my daughters bestow upon me.

27. Because now I have to exercise instead of wanting to exercise.

28. Because I own three cats.

29. Because I ….. I forgot.

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