Fluff and Fold

I’ve never been a big fan of laundry, it’s tedious and something always comes out needing extra care:  a hem that needs to be sewn or a shirt that needs the lavish attention of an iron, or a button that needs to be replaced.  There is always a sock missing, and the straps from dresses and bathing suits that I carefully tie, so as not to get tangled on other clothes, always come undone and end up wrapped around the other clothes tighter than a constrictor knot.

Here are some things I’ve learned about the laundry:  My bedroom is not Abercrombie and Fitch nor am I in the Marine Corp. It does not matter how my clothes are folded as long as they are folded and not bunched up and shoved in the drawer.  Bunching and shoving causes wrinkles and I prefer to look somewhat presentable when I go out into the world… if I bunch and throw then I’m ironing later… no bueno. Stressing over how it’s folded is silly.  Who, in their right mind, is going to look in my drawer and remark, “This is awful, your shirts are all folded differently.”

Missing socks used to freak me out… “WHERE could it be…? I had two when they went into the wash… is there a black hole in my dryer? I couldn’t possibly put two similar mismatched socks together, my feet would never forgive me.”  Alright, let’s consider this;  it cost approximately $7- $10 for 5 pair of ankle socks.  It’s not gonna break the bank to throw out the singleton and buy a new pair of socks… or, horror of horrors, put the mismatched ones together… unless you’re wearing knee high socks with shorts NOBODY is checking out your socks  and if they are it’s not the socks they are checking out but the fact that you are wearing knee high socks with shorts… fashion faux pas unless you are a teenage girl, Kurt from Glee, or a small child.

Other laundry tips:  Folding underwear is a pantie waste of time, unless you wear tent sized underwear and you need to fold it to save space.  Folding small scraps of material is ridiculous. Life is too short to fold underwear.  Towels, sheets, cloth napkins (yes cloth napkins, it’s good for the environment) and blankets… all items that do not need to look like they are going on display at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I wish I had thought about this 30 years ago. I could have saved myself some time and frustration. I might have spent more time doing the things I enjoyed and less time worrying about the symmetry of the laundry.  I realize now that proportion is not so important, life is not symmetrical.  My life is mismatched and I can go with it and enjoy it or I can stress out over the wrinkles.

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