Right Here, Right Now

When I was a child I was taught that Heaven was the final reward for living a good life and being a good Christian.  If I followed the laws of God then I would be rewarded with eternal life.  I would spend eternity in a perfect body, in a perfect place and be perfectly happy.  I would know completely, understand completely and be able to experience and understand the complete love of God.

On the other hand, if I did not live a good life, was not a good Christian and did not follow the laws of God I would be subject to the fires of Hell.  A grand thing about growing up  Seventh-Day Adventist is that they do not believe in an eternal Hell.  Adventist believe in a second coming… Christ returns, calls up his faithful and those unfaithful are left behind on the earth which God then cleanses with fire.  When the earth is cleansed a new perfect earth is made.  So no eternal Hell fire and damnation.

As I  became an adult I began to question this reward system. Should my motivation to do the right thing be based on the promise of a life of eternal perfection and bliss? Or should my motivation to do the right thing be based on my desire to simply live a good life, to be happy to do right, to feel a sense of goodwill and accomplishment, a desire to help my fellow human beings.  Should my motivation be based on fear of burning in the final fire of Hell?  If fear of fire is my motivation, or desire for a greater reward, then are my actions, my motives, true are they pure?

I’m not certain I want to live forever in a perfect world.. streets of gold and eternal perfect bliss just don’t really do it for me.  I like my life… hard knocks and all.  I think I would be bored in a world where there were no challenges, no ups, no downs, no highs, no lows.  Call me strange but once the struggles are over I  am happy to have lived through them. The strength, knowledge and insight I gain from these experiences have helped me on this journey of life. Maybe my understanding of Heaven is skewed and needs a readjustment.  I like to think that I should live my life like this is the final frontier with as few regrets as possible.  Live a good and productive life just because I can, just because I want to be happy and want to do the right thing without applause without the hoopla. To be content living my life right here and right now.

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3 Responses to Right Here, Right Now

  1. Emily says:

    Wonderful, Momma. To live one’s life in anticipation of a time and place that will occur after an entire lifetime… that’s not living, that’s preparation. It’s called “afterlife” for a reason. It occurs after your life here on this beautiful Earth that is our initial and (I personally believe) last place of residence.


  2. Margaret says:

    My life here on earth is so enriched by living to show others love and caring-that comes from getting to know Jesus. Having a relationship with Him-reading the Bible and learning how Jesus showed love when he was here. Heaven will be spending time with Him and all those who love Him and the gift He gave us by coming to earth! The book of John in the Bible is the wonderful record of Jesus’ life, and how He loves us! Give it a read!! God bless you!


    • rachelb64 says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. I truly appreciate hearing them. I was raised in Christian churches and schools and have read and studied the Bible a few times through… I actually will go and read John again so that I can see what is driving your passion. Again, Thank you.


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