Reflections on 9-11

I am tired of the manipulation by the media to feel patriotic today and fly my American Flag… I am tired of the political manipulation to feel right about a war that, I feel, is overkill… I am tired of slogans like, “never forget” as if anyone who lived that day could… I am frustrated that Americans only see the shiny, dangling object waved in front of them. Atrocities have been happening in this world since the beginning of time… Horrible acts committed against human beings in Darfur, Poland, Srebrenica. I could spend a day just naming places and times… and yet we do not remember these individuals, these lives, these crimes because they are not “ours”. How horribly wrong that thought process is because they are indeed ours. They are human beings, human kind. As Greg and Steve sing to young children everywhere, “The U.S.A. is a good old place but it’s still just a part of the place called Earth.”

I read a comment on Facebook that said, “Hope for peace died on 9-11.” Hope for peace didn’t die on 9-11-01. It died in 2700 B.C., it died during the 17th century when U.S. land began to be transferred from Native Americans to White Settlers, it died in 1914 when WWI began, it died in 1939 when WWII began, it has died a little each time a war is fought, each time a life is lost because of hatred. I want to believe that peace is possible but I know that it will never be a global reality. The only peace that is possible is the peace that I create in my life and in the lives of my children. Working to create peace in my life and in the lives of my children is what I do to honor those who lost their lives and those lives that will be lost due to the 9-11 tragedy.

So there will be no flags, no crosses, no declarations at our home today. Just quiet reflection and the hope that I can continue to be an example of peace to my daughters so that they will carry the message forward to their children and their children will pass it along to their children, and so on… Let there be PEACE on earth and let it begin with me… In honor, memory and love.

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