This Moment Right Now

This moment should be savored and filed in the ‘Times to Remember’ catalogue of my life.

I am reclining in the Adirondack chair in my yard overlooking the hills and town of Paso Robles. It is summer and the wild grass and shrub brush are a golden color only nature can produce. The live oak and almond trees dot the hills with swatches of green and even the detested poison oak lends a splash of cheery red to the landscape. The morning sun is gentle and warm on my skin and the occasional slight breeze carries the scent of clean, fresh summer air. The bright yellow honey daisies nod to the breeze and lift their heads to the striking blue sky.

The birds are quietly calling to one another, almost timidly, as if even they do not want to disturb the peaceful stillness of the moment. A woodpecker in the tree near me seems unaware of anything but his craving for breakfast and is tapping out his desire at a steady pace. The big dog, laying at my feet, lifts his head towards the sound gives a sigh and lazily drops his head down on his paws, the effort to bark too much for him. The little pup has found a ball and is relentless in his yearning to play fetch. He drops it in my lap and whimpers until I throw it into the tall grass. He is focused on the game and is completely unaware of the mood of the morning.

It is easy to set my mind free of its “regularly scheduled programming” – the frustrations and franticness of life – and focus on the colors, sights, sounds and smells of this perfect moment. The serenity that washes over my soul is better than any therapy, church service, book, piece of music, drink or warm embrace. It is a oneness with nature, complete and absolute peace.

I understand why people try to paint, photograph (or even write about) these moments. The feeling of pure contentedness is so powerful we want to preserve it forever. I know that nothing I write will ever bring back the perfect joy of this moment but it may remind me that there are many moments like this to be had if I simply take the time to appreciate the beauty that is around me.

My thoughts are slowing and I can feel myself begin to pull away. My mind is beginning to wander as I consider the days responsibilities. I hear the world waking around me; the jeep pulling its way noisily up the rutted dirt road, the tractor grumbling to life, the squeaky trampoline the neighbor children are enjoying and the purr of the quad as it explores the hills. It’s as though they are saying, “Get up, get moving!”

I am unable to pull myself away yet afraid if I don’t I might lose the perfectness that is this moment. I don’t want to spoil what I am feeling right now so I will close my eyes, take a mental picture and move on…. eagerly anticipating my next perfect moment.

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