No Time Out

Parenting is hard work, single parenting is even harder. A single parent never gets ‘time’… no time out, no time off, it’s a 24/7 job with no reprieve. Right now my job completely blows. My youngest and I have been at odds and it is wearing. I hurt emotionally, mentally and physically and feel like an utter failure. I realize that part of this has to do with her age – she is 17 and 17 (in my experience) is tough. She wants to be independent, make her own choices and decisions, have no consequences for her actions and have money to spend whenever she wants, on whatever she wants. That’s really not so strange, I’d like those things too. The difference is that I am a parent and realize there are consequences for actions taken, we can’t always get what we want and frankly, Mr. Jagger, we don’t always get what we need either. I know that she understands this on some level but right now I am just an obstacle in her path to freedom.

I’m truly at a loss. I see families that appear to have teens who don’t seem to give their parents a moments unease. I often wonder if this is some great act or if their child has some unique gene that my child was not in line for.

Don’t misunderstand me. Life with my angel baby is not completely without merit. I love my Laura Elizabeth with my entire being. She is an intelligent, compassionate, friendly, outgoing, lovable individual. We have some amazing conversations and truly enjoy each others company. I do see the strides that she is making and know that she is trying to make positive changes for her life. Unfortunately the path we are on right now is much like our dirt driveway… bumpy, rough, steep and must be traveled with care and at a slow pace. I’m okay with that. I think that anything worth having is worth taking time and care. Mr. Jarreau knows… We’re in this love together, we’ve got the kind that lasts forever.


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One Response to No Time Out

  1. Time will make your relationship better. I don’t know what it is about all kids this month, but I’ve had the toughest, tougher and again toughest month with my daughter! All my neighbors kids have been making noise and fussing all day and night as well, looking forward to any possible decent night sleep soon as my little one has been up from 2-6 am 4 nights in a row! Your daughter’s just trying to figure out what path to be on and she probably has doubts about each one too, I hope you get some time off or a little break, I know that agonizing feeling all too well! Have a peaceful week!


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