Step Back or Muddle Through


Recently my daughter Laura asked that I paint 4 words on her wall in her bedroom… these words are Diversity, Coexist, Peace and Love. She found the lettering she liked on the Internet and after cutting out templates on heavy paper I rounded up a ladder, level, ruler, marker, and black paint and set to work. I began to trace the letters on the wall and found, to my annoyance, that the letters and lines were fuzzy. I didn’t want to have to climb down the ladder and get my glasses so I continued tracing. The longer I worked the fuzzier things got. My head began to ache and the blur that was the project began to frustrate me. It just wasn’t clear and yet I refused to step down and retrieve my glasses. As I started painting the throb in my head got worse and painting in the lines became very difficult. Finally I stepped down, got my readers and went back to work.

So many times I have found myself tackling a problem or situation and all too often find the solution is not clear. The problem is fuzzy and I become frustrated. Instead of stepping down I continue to muddle through, hoping that things will right themselves or that I will be able to continue onward with as little effort as possible. More often than not I have found that taking the time to step down, step back and look at the situation differently brings a whole new perspective, a whole new light to the problem.

It seems that lately life has been a series of fuzzy day, but  I’ve rounded up my tools and I am getting to work …and I have my readers ready.

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