Go Fish

Written May 10, 1995. Laura was 15 months and Emily 46 months.

There is a pile of laundry on the couch and more in the wash machine and dryer. The kitchen, which was clean this morning, is a mess again. Papers, books, and toys crowd the counters. The floors need to be swept and moppped; the furniture is dusty, the bathrooms need to be cleaned. These things will all be taken care of sometime today merely needing to be done again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

As I sit at the kitchen table surveying my world James Taylor is crooning “Fire and Rain” on the radio while Laura sits on the floor near my feet and Emily entertains herself with her ponies in her bedroom upstairs. I am having a difficult time getting anything done this afternoon as Laura Belle has more important things scheduled for my time. I begin to empty the dishwasher and she brings me a book about Kittens. “Ki – ee, Ki – ee” she insists, so the two of us sit down on the kitchen floor and read about what kittens love. After we finish I get up and put the book away, only to have her bring a toy that makes great sounds if the buttons are pushed, the knobs turned and the handles pulled. She is frustrated because she cannot seem to get it to work. “Momma?” she asks with a concerned look on her face. Once again we sit down and play together until she is able to work this magical toy on her own. I wonder why I just showed my 15 month old daughter how to operate a noisemaker… and then I hear her laugh and clap her hands in glee.

She begins to yawn and I sense a nap coming on. I find a bottle in the sink, wash it, fill it with milk and take it to her. We dance and rock in the chair until she nods off. I put her down to sleep with her blankie and baby and kiss her soft, warm, sweet, pink cheeks.

I will have two hours now to wash, fold, straighten, dust, sweep, mop and organize! The excitement is overwhelming! Then from upstairs I hear Emily calling, “Momma, can we play ‘Go Fishy’?” As we play a close game of  Go Fish I think how wonderful it is to be a mom and how much I love my girls. It is then that I realize what Mother’s Day is really about. It’s dishes and laundry, children’s stories and noisey toys, it’s ‘go fish’ and ‘memory’, barbies and ponies. It’s wet kisses, big hugs, dancing, and “momma will you?” It’s my everyday.

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