Use With Care

There was a time when my mind would not be still. Thoughts swirled around in my brain and words flowed from my pen as readily as…. as…. well, that’s just it… as readily as what? I don’t want to say I’m losing my mind but lately nothing comes to it… Is this what happens when you reach your 40’s and teenagers occupy you life?

I sat down to write a letter to my Grandma the other day and couldn’t get past the compulsory, “Dear Grandma, Hi, I miss you, how are you?” I tried to write about what was going on with my daughters, with myself, but couldn’t find the words, and didn’t have the heart to force out a page of mindless drivel.

President Obama gave his first State of the Union address last week. His words flowed effortlessly and if I were a person who puts stalk in State of the Union addresses I would have been carried away with the eloquence of the speech. While I envied how articulate he was, I was put off by the words themselves. I was reminded of the song, “Show Me” by Lerner and Loewe: “Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words, I get words all day through, first from him now from you. Is that all you blighters can do?”

I have found that I am more critical, than I once was, of those who make their living with words. While I enjoy the flow of speech, the language, the discourse I catch myself examining each sentence for hyperbole and duplicity. I don’t know what is causing my brain freeze but I do know that when I finally thaw out I intend to treat the words I use with care and be more responsible for the speech that I utter.

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